Monday, 24 June 2013

WordPress as a Learning Management System

On a recent project I was asked to research and implement the best Learning Management System (LMS) for a small non profit organisation based in Thailand. We eventually ended up deploying 10 e-learning modules with the content hosted on Wordpress instead!

This article explains the rationale for the final solution implemented.

Friday, 31 May 2013

The Code Engages in Global Fight for the Protection of Children

Hi everyone

Here's a preview of a paper I'm working on with 
Hopefully it'll soon be written up as a customer success story but just wanted to share it here first.  

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Data is only useful if you can do something with it. data on Geckboard

Data is only useful if you can do something with it. data on Geckboard

Businesses thrive on data and we need faster access to it than ever before.  The higher quality, more accurate the information you have at your fingertips the better.

There are a now a range of tools now to help you visualise complex data on a real time basis, available as either installed software (such as Tableau) on your machine or as hosted solutions (such as Geckoboard).

Dashboards help you to keep a regular eye on your businesses vital signs. For instance, how many orders did you receive today vs yesterday, are you website visitor numbers increasing, how many Facebook fans does your company have. The quicker you can see a trend developing the quicker you can take action.

This article summarises a piece of recent work that The Code has been conducting using the Geckoboard data dashboard tool. We recently undertook a project to surface information from our customer relationship management system on the company Geckboard Dashboard as well as a range of other data sources such as Google Analytics, Twitter, PayPal, and other 3rd party sources.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Designing training for difficult topics Part 2

Child Sex Tourism prevention training

In a previous post I discussed some of the challenges we were facing in designing a training module for raising general awareness about Child Sex Tourism.

Since my last posting we've spent a lot of time discussing the situation and complication that the training needs to address before listing out possible answers that the training would deliver.

We then took all of that input and created the first mind map of the training module. I just thought I'd share it with everyone, and I'd welcome input on how it can be improved to make the training module as impactful and engaging as it can possibly be.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Payment processing on your e-commerce site

After a week spent trying to get our site set up on-line payments on our new website. Sounds easy eh, well after after a week or so and trying out about 20 Apps I finally found one that would work for us.

I just thought I'd share some of the lessons I learnt, and I that checking out this blog entry might save you a bit of time if you need to do something similar.

So, it's been a very interesting week for me learning how we might be able to accept online donations and payments from our Members directly online.

We are currently configuring our system and I was initially very encouraged when a quick look on the AppExchange showed more than 20 different applications that promised "simple" online payment processing.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Designing training for difficult topics: Part 1

Scripting modules for unpleasant subjects 

So, my current project is quite a challenging one

I'm currently working with The Code, a non profit organisation who are working to protect children around the world from Child Sex Tourism, on several technology and learning projects.

Friday, 14 September 2012


Hi, and welcome to my blog! Really good to have you visit here.

What is this blog about?

I've been working in the e-learning and learning technology field for a number of years now and have had the benefit of working on numerous projects with a great range of people.

I've benefited enormously from sharing ideas and collaborating with colleagues in the industry over these years, but so far I've not really ever shared any of my own learning points.

I thought starting a blog and trying to capture some lessons learnt along the way might be a useful way to change that.

What am I currently working on?

Some of my recent projects have included:

  • Developing e-learning modules
  • Implementing a new Customer Relationship Management System
  • Designing new websites

Keep in touch!

Hope you enjoy the blog, feel free to comment/discuss any of the subjects that I've posted about.

Iain Clements